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Let us introduce ourselves

I am manufacturing lures for more than 35 years and angling more than 50 years. As a child, I went, probably like all the other children’s, classical school of fishing on the hazel rods, first bamboo was for me the “Rolls Royce”. And so the time is changing and accessories and habits. The first serious fishing was an artificial fly on Djetinja river when we raced with the “deceased” Cira, and later fishing float on the river Drina. And then came the blinker. Our clear rivers, I guess stimulate this, because this is not true the proverb “fish is fished in murky waters.” Probably, the environment and a certain type of rivers and affect the fact that people in certain regions deal with similar matters. Therefore, in Uzice there are fantastic lures manafactures, flies, floats in Nis, on Danube silicones etc.
My first lures were world famous brands, difficult to access. However, they were not the singular reason why I started to make lures. With all due respect to them, I began to see some flaws, some I will specify: lure weight affecting the casting distances, depth reach of certain models, also lacked decors real fish, etc. The tendency to handicrafts also influenced to start making lures. Here I found myself. The first specimens were from today’s standpoint ridiculous, to say at least, but they were catching fish. It gave me an incentive to go on. Like many said, the first twenty years is difficult, and then everything goes easy, I overcome that. In that period from my workshop, where I was the only worker, I manufactured more than 10,000 lures made by hand, and in the meantime more than 40,000. The results are familiar to most of our fishermen. I believe that are rare serious fisherman who do not have one of my lures. And on many of them were caught: chub, trout, salmon, asp, catfish, pike, walleye, etc.. Biggest known to me caught fish was catfish of 45kg, caught on hydroelectric power station lake at Perucac.
Lures as far as I know caught fishes all around the world.
I have to mention the technical characteristics. First and foremost is that they are made of wood. All are unique. Protection is also the product of home workshops, because there is no purchases with such quality properties. Paints are also processed. Each lure is tested and tuned in the water. Simply put, a great experience and a greater love in making crankbaits, I think it led to a good lure.
The fact that we are speaking about the manual work actually shows that the ideas are inexhaustible. Although each new series brings a touch of something new, there is always the possibility of some new creations and models.

In the end, I would like to some, present and future anglers, to draw attention to some important things for a fishermen. Everyone must have pliers for setting lure, because it happens due pinning and recoil to lure dispels. Therefore, need to know how it works, then the lure must have a whetstone or grinder for sharpening hooks and very important for lures, nylon and have appropriate carabineer (buckle) must be without swivel, because he does not rotate and swivel only interferes the work.



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