How to Order

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1. Place the selected items in the Shopping Cart.
Click the button “Add to cart”. One click on this button, adds 1 piece of the selected item to the Shopping Cart.

2. Message is will be on the top of product page .
Example message is : Product RT has been added to your cart. And you will se button view cart. Or you can see your shopping cart when you click on the shopping cart icon button in the top right corner.

3.To one more time overview your Order click on VIEW CART button.
In cart overwiev you can make change your product quantity, IF WE HAVE MORE SAME PRODUCTS ON STOCK. If you are satisfied with your selection, click the button CHECKOUT.
If you already created an account with us, we suggest you LOG IN before going to the CHECKOUT page.

4. CHECKOUT page.
If this is the first time, that you are placing an order on our web site, you will have to fill in all your personal info – First and Last Name, Billing/Delivery address, Phone number (please state Country code) and E-mail. If you have not registered before placing an order, we suggest that you check the box under the e-mail line and Create an Account.

When you have put in all the personal info, please check it one more time, so there is no mistake made when shipping the order.

Please do not get mad if you can not find your Country in the list. This means that we have contractual obligations and can not ship orders to your country. Depending on your address (continent) and the weight of the package the shipping costs can vary.

First please choose the Currency in which you would like to make the Payment – right side of the page. Depending on the selected currency different Payment Methods are available. If you choose EUR or USD you can make the payment using PayPal. If you choose RSD (Serbian dinar) you can make the payment using your Visa or MasterCard bank card. Due to Serbian laws, we can only accept payment by card in our national currency – RSD. We have also added a Payment method – Place an Order without Payment. This is an option for customers that are not sure if they have selected the right lures, or do not understand the difference between the Payment methods. Selected lures will be reserved and shop admin will contact you.

7. Check the box
– I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions and click one of the buttons PLACE ORDER or PROCEED TO PAYPAL, to finally place the order and proceed to Card Payment Gateway or your PayPal.